The Third Workshop in Badalona

Our journey with the Business Ambulance program took us to the vibrant city of Badalona, Spain, in September 2023. This program, funded by Erasmus Plus, brings together students from different corners of the world to collaborate and learn about social media marketing. It’s a chance for us to put our business and marketing skills into action while helping local businesses grow.

Getting Started in Badalona
Once we landed in Badalona, we wasted no time diving into our workshop activities. We met with local businesses to understand their goals, who they’re trying to reach, and the challenges they face. The mix of businesses was fascinating – from a neighborhood car repair shop to a clothing boutique, each had its own story and needs.

Our Work in Badalona
Our task was clear: create social media campaigns that would boost each business’s online presence and attract more customers. Whether it was revamping Instagram profiles or suggesting improvements to websites, we put our heads together to come up with creative solutions. And it wasn’t just about work – we also got to experience the local culture, attending the ongoing Festes de la Merc festival and even squeezing in some beach sports.

Bonding Through Fun Activities
Beyond the workshops, we had plenty of opportunities to bond as a group.  We also took time to visit iconic landmarks in Barcelona like Palau de la Música, Park Güel, and Sagrada Familia, immersing ourselves in Spain’s rich cultural heritage.

Celebrating Success
As our time in Badalona drew to a close, we presented our social media campaigns to the businesses. The results were impressive – from fresh Instagram content to the creation of new websites, our efforts had paid off. The businesses were thrilled with the outcomes, and we left feeling proud of what we had accomplished together.

Looking Ahead
Our journey with the Business Ambulance program continues, with our next destination already in sight. While we’ll miss the sunny streets of Badalona, we’re excited for the adventures that await us in our next stop. Until then, we’ll cherish the memories we made and the friendships we formed in this beautiful corner of Spain

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