Second workshop in Groningen

The second workshop of the Business Ambulance took place in the beautiful city of Groningen, Netherlands, in April 2023. The Business Ambulance program, funded by Erasmus Plus, aims to bring together students from various countries to collaborate and learn about social media marketing. This transformative experience provides an opportunity for students to apply their business and marketing skills while making a positive impact on local SMEs.

Planning and Execution of the week

After arriving in Groningen, the international students were eager to immerse themselves in the workshop. During the first dates the students met with the participating SMEs to understand their objectives, target audience, and business challenges. The project in Groningen brought together equally fascinating selection of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These SMEs represented a wide range of industries, each with its unique set of challenges and goals.

The companies included a local hardware shop, a restoration company, a water cutting company, a local gym, and a furniture maker company. The students crafted engaging social media campaigns for each business, enhancing online presence, showcasing craftsmanship, attracting clients, and promoting healthy lifestyles. This collaboration brought valuable experiences and great results to both students and SMEs.

Fostering Group Spirit and Bonding: Unforgettable Fun Activities in Groningen

The Business Ambulance program in Groningen offered more than just workshops and marketing campaigns. Fun, sporty, and educational activities were organized to promote bonding among the participants and create lasting memories. With its bicycle-friendly infrastructure, offered the perfect opportunity for the students to explore the city on rental bikes.

Our group of students, teachers and business experts biked everywhere, which was a great opportunity to get to know to the local culture and enjoy the scenery of the Netherlands. Beside the biking we also enjoyed a whole afternoon filled with thrilling and engaging sports activities. During the week, the group also visited the Groninger Museum to see the exhibition on Gianni Versace. The exhibition shed light on the extraordinary life and legacy of the legendary fashion designer, Gianni Versace.


As the workshop neared its end, the students prepared for their final presentations to the participating companies. Each group had achieved remarkable results with their social media campaigns. From redesigning Instagram content to recommendations to the website and LinkedIn, the students demonstrated their ability to reach and engage new potential customers. The entrepreneurs were delighted with the outcomes and provided positive feedback during the final presentations. The Business Ambulance journey continues, with the next destination being the Badalona in Spain.

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