Fourth workshop: Discovering Ayutthaya – A Workshop of Culture and Learning

Our recent adventure with the Business Ambulance program took us to the historical city of Ayutthaya, Thailand, in February-March 2024. This program, supported by Erasmus Plus, brings students from different parts of the world together to learn about social media marketing while helping local businesses grow.

Weekend Fun in Bangkok: Exploring by Boat 

Before heading to Ayutthaya, we spent the weekend in Bangkok. We went on a boat tour along the rivers and canals, exploring the city and seeing its busy life. We also visited markets, temples, and tried yummy Thai food.

Arriving in Ayutthaya: 

Getting to Know the City On Monday, we went to Ayutthaya where our TAB school was. Ayutthaya is famous for its history and culture. We met local businesses including a law firm, a shop selling traditional Thai clothes, a hotel, the tourist police, and a restaurant by the river. Each had its own story, and we were excited to work with them.

Our Work in Ayutthaya: Marketing for Local Businesses 

Our job was to create social media campaigns for each business to attract more customers. We came up with ideas for social media posts, improved visibility in Google and plan for a new website. We also tried Muay Thai, a traditional Thai sport, and learned about local crafts. In addition we went to the coast for some beach activities and some of us took a bike tour around the city to see its old temples and lively markets.

Celebrating Our Success

As our time in Ayutthaya came to an end, we gathered together to showcase the results of our efforts to the local businesses. With eager anticipation, we presented our social media campaigns, detailing the strategies we had developed. It was incredibly rewarding to see our ideas come to life and to witness the tangible impact they had on the businesses.

Looking Forward 

Even though we had to say goodbye to Ayutthaya, our journey with the Business Ambulance program goes on for one last time. We’re excited to see where we’ll go next and what new experiences we’ll have. Until then, we’ll cherish the memories of our time in Ayutthaya and the friendships we made.

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