First workshop in Helsinki

The first workshop of the Business Ambulance was held in Finland in January 2023. Business Ambulance is a transformative Erasmus Plus funded program that brings together students from five different countries to collaborate and learn about social media marketing.

During a week-long workshop in Helsinki the students leveraged their business and social media marketing skills to help local SME companies by creating impactful social media campaigns. With the guidance of business experts and teacher coaches, the students not only gain practical experience but also make a lasting impact on the participating companies.

Planning and Execution

Before the actual workshop, the groups of international students had an online meeting with the local SMEs to gain understanding of their goals, target audience, and business challenges. Upon arriving in Helsinki, the students dive headfirst into the project by starting to plan and create tailored social media campaigns for each company. Many groups also took the responsibility of shooting the content themselves, ensuring authenticity and a personal touch.

Guidance and Support

The success of the Business Ambulance project relied on the guidance and support provided by business experts and teacher coaches. These mentors, with their experience in the marketing industry, assisted the students in developing effective marketing campaigns and navigating potential challenges. The business experts offered valuable insights, constructive feedback, and practical advice, helping the students to refine their campaigns and make them even more impactful throughout the week.

We won’t forget the fun

While the workshop week primarily focused on the social media marketing campaigns, the Business Ambulance project recognizes the importance of a well-rounded experience. To ensure the students have an enriching time in Helsinki, various fun activities were included into the program. Helsinki city orienteering provided an exciting opportunity to explore the city and learn about its culture, history, and landmarks. Additionally, a truly Finnish experience waited the students with a visit to Uunisaari, where they could enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna and even partake in the exiting activity of ice swimming. These activities not only promoted bonding among the students but also created unforgettable memories.


The workshop culminated in the students’ final presentations to the companies. Every group yielded impressive results what they could showcase to the others and to the entrepreneurs who were able to participate for the final day. For example, one group redesigned a company’s Instagram, while another created a successful YouTube channel and video. All students’ social media campaigns reached and engaged new potential customers. The final presentations received positive feedback from entrepreneurs, who were thrilled with the outcomes.

The Business Ambulance journey continues

One of a key aspect of the workshop week was the hands-on approach taken by the students. By actively involving themselves in every step of the process, from ideation to execution, the students gained valuable insights into the realities of marketing in a digital age. By combining the talents from different countries, the students made new friends and enhanced their social and professional skills also from international perspective. The Business Ambulance project continues next in the Netherlands, and we can’t wait to see what type of projects and results will be ahead of us!

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