Business Ambulance: Empowering Students to Drive Social Media Success for SMEs

The importance of social media as a marketing channel has significantly increased in recent years. Although creating the content on social media may sound easy, it is not always the case. Many companies struggle with marketing and don’t have time to focus on finding target groups or planning marketing campaigns amidst their daily activities. 

The new Erasmus Plus funded Business Ambulance project aim to help small and medium-sized businesses with social media marketing. The project involves collaborating schools from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Thailand. In the project students from these five different countries use their business and social media marketing skills to help local SME companies by creating a social media marketing campaign for them. Students are doing this with the help of business experts and teacher coaches who support them throughout the project.  

“This project is a great example of how what is learned in school can be put into practice, benefiting not only the students but also local businesses that may not otherwise have the expertise and resources to do social media marketing.” – Eveliina, Teacher in Business Ambulance  

The project aims to send students to all five participating countries and collaborate with local businesses there. In addition to learning a lot about social media content production, the students learn to work in an international environment with students from different countries and use English as a working language. This type of international projects will for sure make many good memories and friends from around the world! 

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